Arturia KeyLab Essential 61 Universal Midi Keyboard Controller

Arturia KeyLab Essential 61 Price in India

Key Specification & Technical Details

Brand Arturia | 61 keys
Twin-line LCD screen
Compatible with all major Digital Audio Workstation
MIDI out, USB, Sustain pedal
Includes Analog Lab software synth sounds | Chord Play mode
Type & Model
Included Software
Special Feature

From the manufacturer

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KeyLab 61 Essential


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Quality playing surface

The durable, smooth-action keys will capture every nuance of your performance. You can shift the keyboard using the dedicated octave switches, get creative with your performance using the pitch bend and modulation wheels, and make use of the optional sustain pedal. A chord feature is also included to save a chord and then to play and transpose it with a single key press.

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8 multi-purpose performance pads

Versatile and space-saving, the bank of dynamic, RGB back-lit pads features switchable modes, letting you punch in awesome drum rhythms and percussion patterns, while also letting you select your favourite mapping options to control Analogue Lab, your DAW, or any other software or hardware you create maps for.


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Rotary knobs & faders

Adjusting the panning and level of 8 channels at a time could not be more natural than with the automatically mapped knobs and faders. And if your creativity requires more tracks to fully express, no problem, two switches are there to move back and forth across your whole mix. Using the Analogue Lab dedicated memory they will give you a direct control of the parameters of your Arturia virtual instruments.

DAW Command Center

MCU/HUI enabled DAW Command Center lets you totally master your creative environment. This great little control hub lets you play, pause, stop, record, toggle your metronome, and fast travel around your project. Take a break from the screen and focus on the music.


KeyLab Essential packs a smart and effective twin-line LCD display to let you know the right info when you need it such as your presets and parameter info. In user memories, you can even customize the label it displays for each knob and fader. Just underneath is the preset remote for Analogue Lab and all the other Arturia instruments. Your mouse will maybe miss you, not the opposite.

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Technical Details

Our Rating 4.5/5★
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