Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine

Dr Trust Digital BP Monitor Price in India

Key Specification & Technical Details

Brand Dr Trust
Large LCD Display | Irregular Heartbeat detection
The BP monitor saves 2 users X 120 usages in memory
Pulse Rate Indicator
4 Batteries | Talking feature
Display & Technology
Function & Benefits
Special Feature
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Smart BP Monitor with Talking Feature

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Accurate, Reliable Result with MDI

The Dr Trust BP smart with MDI delivers accurate measurements all the way through simple button pressing operations. You can measure systolic BP, diastolic BP and pulse rate just after inflation completes. It does not require to deflate to measures everything accurately with an ease.

Painless Measurement Instantly

MDI technology does not create any pressure on the arm and less painful. It gives results during inflation and allows for repeat measurement for comparison instantly with no variation. Moreover, it is the best choice for older patients or others who cannot tolerate cuff pressure

Large LCD Display with Hypertension Indicator

Machine comes with hypertension indicator (Green, Yellow and Red Region). It lets you know whether your BP is normal, moderate or high. Whereas extra-large display with zebra lights displays high quality readings every time.


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Talking Feature

Talking feature is there for making things easier for those who have weak eyesight. It enables to know BP through audio voice in English, Spanish and German. If you do not want to use this sound feature, you can switch off to mute voice feedback as per your ease.

Powered through Micro USB or 4 AA Battery

Say goodbye to expensive adapters or any other fussy attachment! It is a compact and portable device with a micro USB compatible port. You can power the device either from laptop, tablet or any other compatible power source or with 4 AA batteries.

Keep Record of 120 Readings

Record your BP readings accurately with no hassle. The BP monitor saves 2 users X 120 usages in memory thereby relieving them from the hassle of manually recording of measurements. Accurate data of your BP could be a big contributor to prevent heart failure and heart attack.

Conical Cuff Gives Accurate Results

With the universal conical cuff for arm circumference of 22-42 cm the device provides accurate results and detects pulse irregular heartbeat easily and warrants you for further investigation.

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Dr Trust - Trusted by Doctors, Made for Everyone

Dr Trust team is driven by the passion for innovation and it is our endeavour to promote wellness and good health through our latest medical inventions. Our product range is backed by pioneering technology. Doctors, health professionals and home users alike, trust them.

Fully Automatic with Irregular Heartbeat Detection

It has advanced features including auto power off and low battery indication that works through a push of a button to offer experience like no other. It warns you if you have an irregular Heartbeat or irregular Pulse. You need medical attention if the device indicates about this thing continually.

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