Kingston DTIG4/32GBIN

Kingston DTIG4/32GBIN price in India

Key Specification & Technical Details

Brand Kingston | Series DTIG4/32GBIN
Memory Storage Capacity 32GB | Dual compatibility USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
Practical cap protects the USB plug and your data
Large, colourful loop easily attaches to key rings | Quick and easy transfers of all files
Supported Windows, Mac, Linux

Product Description

When you want to quickly transfer your digital files, photos, videos and more from one system to another, you can rely on the Kingston DataTraveler G4 to get the job done efficiently.
kingston dtig4 32gb original

Featuring a storage space of 32GB, this pen drive offers you ample room to carry your dose of entertainment, wherever you go.

Practical Design

Featuring a colorful loop, this pen drive can be easily attached to your keychain for easy access. It comes with a cap to protect the USB connector from damage and dust.

USB 3.0 Performance

Transferring files from your laptop or PC to another system will not only be easy but also fast with this pen drive?s USB 3.0 connectivity option. It is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports. It is compatible with Windows (Vista and newer), Mac OSX 10.8.x+, Linux 2.6+, and Chrome OS.

Kingston Datatraveler G4 - USB - 32 Gb Pen Drive Information

Technical Details

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