Morphy Richards HD-031 Hair Dryer

Morphy Richards HD-031 Hair Dryer Price in India

Key Specification & Technical Details

Morphy Richards HD-031
2 speed selection
Overheat Protection
Anti-skid cushion
Dual voltage | Foldable comfigrip handle | Compact size
Model & Power
Air Flow & Design
Special Feature
Warranty & In Box

From the manufacturer

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Your Perfect Hairdo Solution

Get the best of hair styling capabilities with the Morphy Richards HD-031 Hair Dryer. A high-performance hair dryer with dual-speed setting for quick drying of your wet hair. Make your hair look smooth, silky and bouncy every day, in quick time. Highly durable and easy to use with a modern sleek style and stainless-steel finish.

No more wet, messy and unmanageable hair in the morning.

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General Blow Dying

The Diffuser can be used for normal routine blow drying of your hair. Additionally, our HD-031 Hair Dryer can help you add volume and bounce as well as some natural wavy curls. Making your hair look healthy was never this easy.


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Get more control over your hair by using the concentrator attachment that comes along with Morphy Richards HD-031 Hair Dryer. This concentrator helps you to drive a more precise airflow on specific smaller sections of your hair, to shape it or style it as per your exact needs. Now style your hair in a jiffy without spending a long time in front of the mirror.

If you’re worried that the handles of this hair drying device will make it difficult to fit easily in your bag, then think again! You can easily fold the handles to store this hair dryer in a minimal space, making it highly portable. Additionally, you may choose to hang it on a wall by using the cord guard with storage hook, for quick access anytime.

With our HD-031 hair dryer, user safety is our topmost priority! If you happen to operate this hair dryer non-stop for a longer time frame, it will automatically shut off to prevent any overheating and save you from potential hazards.

Do you travel overseas more often? You can still carry this hair blower & dryer along with you to different countries, without getting hampered by the varied input voltages. Our device is equipped with a dual-voltage feature that adjusts itself, as per the country’s input voltage. Let your style quotient soar high, even while you travel.

About this Item
  • Safety overheat cut-out and dual voltage for travellers
  • Cord guard with hanging loop
  • Anti-skid cushion, accessories-concentrator, diffuser and foldable comfigrip handle
  • 2 speed or heat setting
  • 2 years warranty
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