Novation AMS-Circuit Circuit Groove Box and 4-Part Drum Machine and Sequencer

Novation AMS-Circuit Circuit Groove Box Price

Key Specification & Technical Details

Brand Novation | NOVSYNTH04
4-part drum machine | 64 production ready Patches | -2-Part analog modeling Synthesizer
8 synth macro encoders | Drum pattern up to 128 steps combine | 32 memory slots
Integrated speaker | Works via USB and MIDI
In box - MIDI controller, USB cable | 2 Year Warranty | Compact and battery operated

From the manufacturer


Ideas in Seconds. Tracks in Minutes

Embrace a new way to make music. Build up your parts quickly and easily, either by programming each step or by capturing your performance in real-time. Circuit's split grid shows your steps and notes at the same time, so you can sequence and play at the same time. Create an entire tune by combining up to 128 steps of synth and drum patterns. When you're done, save your tune to one of 32 slots.

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Our Rating 4.4/5★
Price Available At INR
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