Panasonic EH-NA45RP62B Hair Dryer

Panasonic EH-NA45RP62B Hair Dryer Price in India

Key Specification & Technical Details

Panasonic EH-NA45RP62B
UV Resilient Hair
Quick Dry Nozzle helps dry hair faster | Foldable
2 speed & 3 temp setting
Healthy Mode to prevent hair damage from excessive heat
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From the manufacturer

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer


Dry To Moisturise

Everyday Gorgeous Hair

EH-NA45RP62B is equipped with Panasonic's revolutionary nanoe technology and Platinum ions. Based on nanotechnology, the hair dryer uses nanoe - ultrafine water particles that penetrates into hair cuticles, to maintain the moisture balance of the hair and scalp, while the platinum ions coat the hair surface and tighten the cuticles to make them UV rays resilient, for healthy and lustrous hair.

Nanoe Technology and Platinum Ions


Healthy and Moisturised Hair

Get Glossy Hair with Nanoe and Platinum Ions

Dry and style your hair beautifully, without drying it out with the ultimate beauty tool –the advanced Panasonic EH-NA45RP62B nanoe Hair Dryer. The hair dryer draws in moisture from the air to create and infuse nano-sized, moisture-rich nanoe particles directly into the hair shaft.

Nanoe helps beautify hair by taking moisture from the outside and putting it on the inside. These moisture-rich nanoe particles — each containing nearly 1,000 times more moisture than regular ion particles — are infused directly into the hair and scalp while drying and styling.


Moisture-Rich nanoe Technology for Beautiful Results

Smoother, Softer, Shinier Hair

Beautifying nanoe not only helps strengthen and protect hair against damage from heat and everyday brushing, but also supplements the hair's natural moisture to leave hair noticeably shinier, healthier and smoother. Nanoe penetrate hair cuticle, delivering water to maintain the moisture balance inside hair, while platinum ions coat the hair surface and tighten the cuticle. Together, the double ions work to boost the hair’s moisture content which makes hair healthy and beautiful.

About this item

  • UV Resilient Hair: Platinum Ions penetrate the hair tips and fight damage caused by UV rays
  • Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer is shown to reduce damage caused by everyday brushing and enhance hair smoothness and shine
  • Quick Dry Nozzle helps dry hair faster and Set nozzle provides focused airflow for precise styling
  • Two speed, Three Temperature setting: Provides 2 speed and 3 temperature setting for different styles and drying times catering to different hair types
  • Healthy, Hygienic Scalp: Moisture-Rich Nanoparticles moisturize your scalp, preventing it from becoming dry
  • Patented Nanoe Technology draws moisture from the air to gently infuse Nanoparticles, which hold 1000x more moisture than regular ions, into every shaft of hair so you can dry hair without drying them out
  • Foldable, Lightweight Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA45RP62B makes it quick and easy to use at home, work, the gym or anywhere else
  • Healthy Mode: to prevent hair damage from excessive heat
Our Rating 4.4/5★
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