Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Key Specification & Technical Details

Brand Redmi Watch 2 Lite
1.55" colourful touch display
100+ fitness modes | Up to 10 days of battery life
5 ATM water resistance
SpO₂ measurement and 24hrs heart rate track | Standalone GPS
Screen size & Connectivity
Display & Battery
Health & Warranty
Sports & Water Resistance
Accessories & Feautures
e8a0969ae4e13723b933bfb4b8bcfdc5Watch 2 Lite
Get fit, start now
1.55" colourful touch display
100+ fitness modes
5 ATM water resistance*
SpO₂ measurement* and 24-hour heart rate tracking
Multi-system standalone GPS
Up to 10 days of battery life*
1.55" HD touch displayHigh-resolution and colourful, more details displayedBigger screen-to-body ratio, 10% increase from previous model Mi Watch Lite. Better visual and touch control experience.
Compact design
100+ workout modesTrack your exercises like an expert17 professional modes, including HIIT and Yoga to help you achieve your fitness goals you wanted.100 extended workout modes that offer you more options.
5fffee085500e83a67f6b67214c695d1Outdoor Runningae7eea6e3404ae68247206b82dbf82dbTreadmill6d94f33efa64a8d82c752f89ef2cb2feWalking1228cfa2864870e35d726898e20a3663Outdoor Cycling75d09811b3164ae555598cd75cb55f79Hiking
03834d1ba3465e13c03d1a7008c7327dTrail Run3a2be9d3cd7668512565773204154277Indoor Cyclingd0706a6e8708073a5f06a79eb2295d45Ellipticald1d9fbd177c721ea8346c1e090e58f90Rowing7c214d55049d0f5f0c4ae7b30623abf4Jump Rope
f0b7a63d019d040b19b833a9752ccd74Water resistance*Wearable in the shower and pool
High-precision GPS chip Supports the four major global positioning systemsThe built-in GNSS chipset comes with improved performance for more precise position tracking. Four major global positioning systems--GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS--are supported.
de360e863690c6d1a7059f1bf1630872GPS cad82d2b8094df43c42183fa191c2569GLONASS bdc2995fa9d199df5f3ace537cf3bf6bGalileo ce1bdf99468c474b18c66f12478dd25bBDS
Blood Oxygen Measurement* Blood oxygen saturation (SpO₂) level indicates the amount of oxygen in the blood. Get an SpO₂ measurement anytime anywhere for your peace of mind.Supports continuous SpO₂ tracking during sleep.
Sleep Monitoring Monitors your sleep 24/7 and provides detailed reports on deep sleep, light sleep and REM* stages to help you find out what is going on during your sleep.
24-Hour Heart Rate TrackingBuilt-in high-precision PPG sensor to track your heart rate 24 hours a day. Sends alert when abnormal heart rate is detected*.
*Alert function can be disabled.
More healthy choices41f1cb89b335002a39f6e27f69688bc5b7776afd4531cb1fadbce3e27733f8d73974f5598936aaebdbb2e6f771b36da5cd14f9139d0db4f6ccafa7fd89709aa1a509cec8ff8bb13aebcb46edd00c2b7d
Stress Monitoring and Continuous stress monitoring helps you achieve a better work-life balance.
Breathing Three training modes help you better adjust your breathing, relax your mood and relieve stress
Female HealthRecord your monthly period and receive useful reminders beforehand.
Get health data with one tapKnow your body better by viewing your heart rate, workouts, sleep and other health data in the Xiaomi Wear/Xiaomi Wear Lite app*.Supports data synchronisation with Strava*, so that you can share your workout achievements with your friends.
10-day extra-long battery lifeNew magnetic charging, just touch to charge10 daysTypical usage mode*14 hoursContinuous GPS sports mode
More Useful FeaturesWe have many more features that you'll love. Explore them now!
be9666cd8b7e6ab54012d410bbf65374Music Control  acc03f0bba63441f90d45dd2e8b1c065Weather     6f4fda122694d3e80e82599d24d0cf80Message Notifications
0b162dca5d675e6d088a2017fdfdddd2Do not disturb ef56f29f85d48ca732459e17958becb5Idle Alerts 5d8c0acbd897618303661e1e6a504c41Incoming Call Notification
78ceab7a4febdd2c21667b24e76d4742Find My Phone 9411dcefd636177e71050948a75b312fAlarm      66da5e54dcc2aa11cda1e85e1a72a91fTimer
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