RockJam RJ761 61 Keys Electronic Interactive Teaching Piano Keyboard

RockJam RJ761 Price in India

Key Specification & Technical Details

Brand RockJam | 61 Keys
200 voices | 200 rhythms
Touch panel display
Record and playback functionality | 30 demo songs
MIDI output to connect phone
Type & Model
Tones & Preset
Special Feature
Warranty & In Box

From the manufacturer

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The Bestselling Keyboard

Just Got Better


Included in the Super Kit

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Sustain Pedal

Let no composition be out of reach with this accompanying sustain pedal.


A set of high quality headphones to ensure that you can play for hours without the need to turn down the volume or disturb anyone.

Keyboard Stool

Highly adjustable and with plenty of padding the stool in the superkit is designed for hours of comfortable play.

Keyboard Stand

With a host of fixed heights suitable for all ages, easy to assemble and very sturdy in construction the accompanying keyboard stand means you have all you need out of the box.


Whats New in 2017

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Touch Pad

The RockJam 761 now incorporates a soft touchpad making it even more universal across the age groups.

Multiple Connections (Incl MIDI)

The RockJam 761 now includes even more points of connectivity including the use of MIDI.

Over 200 Rhythms and Tones

Double the instruments, rhythms and tones of our previous model the RockJam 761 has it all.

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30 Free JoyTunes Piano Maestro Songs

Piano Maestro, an iPad App, makes learning to play the RockJam Digital Keyboard as fun as playing a game. RockJam includes 30 free songs on Piano Maestro, ranging from classical to pop and rock. The app listens to the keyboard, gives real-time feedback, and awards 3 stars for the perfect performance!

Instructions on how to download songs can be found in description above or bundled with your Super Kit.

Product information

Technical Details

Our Rating 4.2/5★
Price Available At INR
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