Yamaha PACIFICA012 Electric Guitar

Yamaha PACIFICA012 Electric Guitar price in India

Key Specification & Technical Details

Brand Yamaha | PACIFICA012
Electric Guitar | Chrome tuners
Comfort-contoured bodies, bolt-on neck designs, vintage-style vibratos, and 5-way switching of the H-S-S pickup configuration
Material: Body Agathis | Fretboard Rosewood | 2 Single Coil Pickup | Neck Maple
In box - Guitar(1U), Contact List(2U), Owners Manual(1U), Wrench(2U) | 1 Year Warranty

From the manufacturer

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Yamaha Pacifica 012

Full Size Electric Guitar.

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One of the Best Value Electric Guitars for Over a Decade

One of the best electric guitar values for over a decade, Yamaha Pacifica guitars are well known for great tone and outstanding playability. The Pacifica Series feature comfort-contoured bodies, bolt-on neck designs, vintage-style vibratos, and 5-way switching of the H-S-S pickup configuration.

This new entry-level model offers a comprehensive specification, with a quality of craftsmanship and tone that belies its budget price tag.


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Pick-ups (Humbucker and Single Coils)

Offering a sound to suit any style, you'll never get bored: Rock, funk, blues, country, jazz are all possible with the click of the 5 position selector switch and a simple turn of the easily accessible tone and volume controls.

Features & Benefits

Rosewood, maple, and Agathis/Nato are used throughout the construction giving a balanced sound with even and clear response from both the highs and the lows.

Quality tuning gearing gives simple, stable and reliable tuning.

Even and accurate fret positioning – means that it sounds in tune as you play further down the neck. It's also important to be in tune when learning as a group.

A slim and fast neck expertly contorted for easy accurate playing and comfort.

Tough lacquer finish protects from humidity keeping the adjustment stable and maintaining its lustre for years to come.

Product information

Technical Details

Our Rating 4.4/5★
Price Available At INR
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